The History of 3D Skateboards

Founded by skateboarding icon Brian Anderson and new riders Alex Olson & Austyn Gillette, the 3D Skateboard brand offers a fresh and innovative take on contemporary design. From skate decks to parts to stylish apparel, 3D delivers on its promise to provide gear and equipment for skateboards, designed by skateboarders.

Anderson’s unique style and lasting influence on the skateboarding world shows with each 3D Skateboard product. And their creative approach supplements the finest materials in the industry. All of their products are manufactured to be rugged, durable, long-lasting...and head-turning. With 3D, you’ll always get that cutting-edge style with uncompromising quality.


3D Skateboard wheels

are crafted from everlasting urethane and imprinted with bold, vibrant graphics. Check out our 3D Dots skateboard wheels – available in both 53mm and 55mm sizes – which capture the 3D Skateboard spirit perfectly. Regardless of your preferred skateboarding surface, 3D wheels are designed for responsive control and nimble tricks. Best of all, you won’t sacrifice style for performance!


Likewise, the 3D Skateboard deck

lineup impresses with 7 ply maple construction, customized graphics and free-spirited fun. Once you’ve done a few aerials, flip tricks and grinds on a 3D Skateboard deck, you’ll understand why this relatively new brand (3D’s first official catalog launched in September 2013) has already gained a loyal following in the skateboarding community. Skate America offers brown and blue 3D Skateboard decks now, and more are on the way!


Other 3D Skateboard products

– hats, socks, shirts and other apparel, not to mention skateboard wax – continue the proud legacy of Brian Anderson. But rather than rest on his laurels, Anderson is always striving for improvement. Much like his skateboarding feats, he’s taking 3D to a whole different level. Even though 3D Skateboards are just getting started, we’re excited to see what’s around the corner. Whatever 3D designs and develops, Skate America will be a go-to source for new product releases, so stay tuned!

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