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Ricta Wheels has a very large selection of products that they offer in their line of skateboard wheels. From street style skating, to park style skating, Ricta Wheels has it all! High grade urethane materials, and plastic core inlays make for a very lightweight wheel that can move faster, and produce more pop!

The team over at Ricta Wheels is second to none and has some of the best skaters in the world representing. Featured Ricta Team riders include, Arto Saari, Blake Johnson, Bob Burnquist, Brandon Westgate, Cairo Foster, Caswell Berry, David Gonzalez, David Loy, Greg Lutzka, Kelvin Hoefler, Nyjah Huston, Rune Glifberg, Tom Asta, and Tommy Sandoval just to name a few. 

There are nine different styles of Ricta wheels to choose from so we will break it down. Ricta Slix are designed to help you grind both faster and longer. These wheels use the proven NRG urethane wheel formula but also include molded TPU inserts on the sides so your wheels slide and create less drag. If you are a grinding machine, then this set of Ricta skateboard wheels is a no brainier. 

If a smooth ride is your thing, then Rica Clouds are for you. The Clouds line of wheels is made from a softer urethane content 92a (not to hard or to soft) that lets you skate rough spots or spotty asphalt without a problem. This is an all around great wheel for the street but still on point to hit the park or ramps. 

Ricta Naturals are great all around wheel with classic Ricta graphics. these wheels are made with their patented NRG Hi-Energy urethane formula which is proven to be the fastest skateboard wheel on the market that does not have a weighted core. 

As we move through the entire line of Ricta skateboard wheels we run into Speedrings. These wheels are designed to offer the instant speed of wheels with cores but leaves our the extra chatter. Speedrings use a flex-ring to fight bearing deflection when doing tricks so you can have a softer and smoother landing when you stick your trick. 

Park Crushers are next in the Ricta Wheel lineup. These wider shaped wheels are great for smoothing out concrete and have an undercut shape that lightens up the wheels and makes them less bulky. These wheels also use the patented NRG formula and come in an ultra fast 83b urethane. 

The final Ricta skateboard wheels are the Sparx line. These are a price point wheel and the most affordable in the entire lineup. These wheels are usually 79b/97a which are a bit softer than a street wheel but not nearly as soft as a cruiser. This is an all around great wheel for any popsicle type skateboard that rides in all conditions.

All in all, Ricta Wheels are great quality and built to last. They offer a variety of wheels for skaters of all levels. Pickup your set of Ricta skateboard wheels today and be amazed at their performance.