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BigCommerce SEO, Design and Development Site Credits

Last Updated: January 2024



BigCommerce Development Services

Platform Migration

We began our journey with SkateAmerica, aiming to enhance their online presence and address speed issues. Together, we identified the need for a platform that resonated with their vibrant brand. After careful consideration, we migrated their eCommerce operations from Shopify to BigCommerce, launching the new site on 12/13/23.

Integration of Third-Party Solutions:

In the next phase, we crafted a tailored approach by integrating powerful third-party solutions. Solutions like Searchanise and SalesWarp were seamlessly woven into the fabric of SkateAmerica's online strategy, amplifying their marketing and operational capabilities.

Custom Templates and Webpages:

Understanding the importance of a unique online identity, we embarked on creating custom templates for Home, Category, Product, My Account, Contact Us, About Us, and Gift Certificate. Each template was meticulously designed to narrate SkateAmerica's story and offer a seamless shopping experience.

Art Direction, Web Design, UI/UX Design:

Collaborating closely with Derek from SkateAmerica, we embarked on a creative journey. Inspired by skate culture enthusiasts, our team infused custom artwork into the redesign, providing a modern and visually appealing experience. The result was a website that not only performed exceptionally but also resonated with their target audience.

BigCommerce Design Services

Redesign Strategy

Our redesign strategy focused on simplifying the overall site structure for user-friendliness. We introduced a prominent search bar and refined product categories, creating a visual narrative that aligns with SkateAmerica's brand and caters to their audience.

Creative Collaboration

Collaborating with Derek allowed us to infuse the site with custom artwork inspired by skate culture enthusiasts. This creative synergy resulted in a digital experience that excelled in both performance and aesthetics.

Responsive Design

Recognizing the importance of mobile usage, we optimized the site for seamless browsing on various devices. The responsive design ensured an unimpeded shopping journey for SkateAmerica's diverse audience.

Custom Features and Functionality

We crafted tailored mega navigation, independent React components (side cart, mobile navigation), a specialized sold-out product page, personalized Searchanise integration, and an instant account signup popup. These custom features were the building blocks of a website that harmonized with SkateAmerica's brand identity.

On-Page SEO Enhancements

With a focus on boosting organic visibility, we implemented on-page SEO enhancements. Strategic keyword research and optimizations, coupled with improved meta tags, laid the foundation for SkateAmerica's improved online presence.

User Experience and Conversion Improvement

Redesigning the site was not just about aesthetics; it was about enhancing user engagement and simplifying the shopping journey. Through meticulous analysis, we identified pain points and resolved them, leading to improved customer interactions and boosted conversions.

Customer Reviews and Star Ratings Integration

Building trust and credibility were paramount. We integrated customer reviews and star ratings, fostering lasting loyalty and contributing to SkateAmerica's position as a leading online destination for skateboarding enthusiasts.


In collaboration with MAKDigital, underwent a remarkable transformation. Through the meticulous integration of BigCommerce Development, SEO, and Design services, we not only revitalized their online presence but also crafted a superior shopping experience for their diverse audience. The website's enhanced functionality, combined with its user-friendly design and optimized SEO strategies, has firmly established as a premier online destination for skateboarding enthusiasts. Our partnership with SkateAmerica stands testament to the power of innovative solutions and collaborative efforts in achieving excellence in the eCommerce landscape. If you'd like to read more in-depth details about this project please visit our case study here!

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