Toy Machine Skateboards – Over 20 Years of Skateboarding

toy machine skateboards

Founded by skateboarder Ed Templeton in 1993, Toy Machine is one of the best established and most respected skateboard companies on the market. Going against the mainstream is how Toy Machine became – and remains – a true pioneer in the field. Templeton’s original artwork and related designs highlight a large variety of Toy Machine products. Skate America, your #1 source for skateboarding gear and apparel, has hundreds of official Toy Machine items, all priced for optimum value.

With nearly 70 Toy Machine skateboard decks in our store, we have an incredible array of designs, styles and sizes, so there’s something for everyone! From the attitude-infused Fists of Fury board to the Sect Girl Skateboard deck – marked with an original Ed Templeton design – each Toy Machine skateboard deck displays rad graphics, trendsetting style and that one element that defines the entire Toy Machine line of skateboard products: that unmistakable gotta-have-it factor.

Don’t forget our selection of Toy Machine skateboard wheels! In-your-face style is all over Toy Machine’s Monster Star wheels, while the popular Sect Face donuts look great under any skateboard deck. Many top skateboarders like popping ollies and heelflips with some Poo Poo wheels; they’re a great way to crap on the competition (in the figurative sense, of course). Toy Machine’s wheels aren’t all about appearance; they’ve got some serious skateboarding credentials, thanks to quality construction and lasting value.

Toy Machine t-shirts, socks, stickers, hats (including beanies), performance accessories – they’re all here, and they’re ready to go. Along with the coolest apparel around, we also have some of Toy Machine’s pez-dispenser bearings, too. It doesn’t matter what Toy Machine product you’re looking for; we have a great variety to choose from. Skate America’s selection, service and value simply won’t be beat. If you find another Toy Machine product with a lower price, just let us know and we’ll match it!

Thanks for swinging by our Toy Machine product lineup. We’re constantly adding products to our existing Toy Machine store, so check back for new products. For updates on our Toy Machine skateboard offerings, sign up for a free newsletter, which has breaking news on the apparel, products and gear you care about. For questions about a recent order, or to chat with one of our Toy Machine skateboard product consultants, go to our contact page. You can also speak directly with our skateboard support team at 805.823.8140. Remember, we offer free shipping for any order over $100!


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