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Anti-Hero Generic Cruiser Board - Complete Skateboard - White/Blue - 7.65

SKU: 670-059-0009



- Thunder Ellington Other Truck Hollow - Hi 145 - Skateboard Trucks

Jessup Griptape 9 x 33 - Skateboard Griptape

-Spitfire Classic - Skateboard Bearings

-Spitfire 80 HD Blackouts - Black - 54mm - 80a - Skateboard Wheels

-Thunder Bolts Phillips - 1 1/8in - Skateboard Mounting Hardware

-Thunder - Black - 1/8in - Skateboard Riser

-Spitfire Fireball Medium - Assorted Colors - Sticker

-Thunder Trucks - Assorted - Sticker

Note: This Complete Skateboard does not come put together(Skate ready). You will have to assemble the skateboard if you want to skate it. If you would like to open your package and start skating immediately, please feel free to call our Customer Service (Who are very nice) and request your Skateboard be put together for you, free of charge. If the item description needs clarification please feel free to give us call, we would be happy to help.

805-823-8130 - Monday-Friday 8AM-6PM Pacific Standard Time.


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