Goorin Brothers Charm - Brown - Mens Hat

SKU: 162-809-9989-03



This is my #1 favorite flip-up Fedora. The best way to explain how I feel about this hat would be to grab a trumpet and play a soulful tune. That however is out of the question for reasons related to the lack of neither trumpet nor skill. Instead I will stick with just the simple word: soul. Charm by Goorin Bros. is the youthful hat with an old soul. It's as if the hat itself were a time capsule for all things cool calm collected and down right musical. It's quite possible that you won't be able to block mellow tunes from relentlessly playing a steady stream of soulful songs in your head. Gentlemen will open doors and charm the ladies. Ladies will look so vibrant in this hat that gentlemen will be well-charmed. Like I said it always works like a charm.

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