Goorin Brothers Moretti Men's Hat - Black

SKU: 162-809-9997-02



"Moretti is a common enough surname in Italy that it could refer to a man from any walk of life. The classic fedora body and pinstripe fabric of Goorin Brothers' Moretti hat keep with its name's wide appeal, in this ever-popular, time-tested style that crosses classes, cultures, and coutures.

But this Moretti, mind you, won't get lost in the crowd. The vintage-inspired filigree hatband in black and white gives this hat a stand-out look that still lets you make it your own. Whether you're a literary scholar, a player of ‘futbol,' or a pro-wrestling star (there are Morettis for each of those occupations), you'll look great in the Italian version of the Everyman's hat."

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