Love Nail Tree Love Doesn't Always Feel Like This Crop Tee - Natural - Womens Shirt

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If love is an ocean more vast than the most acquainted sailor can endeavor to know, then life is the sailboat readied upon the sea. If love is a language we can all comprehend but are forever learning to speak, then life is the conversations we are found in daily.

While love is but one word its essence is worth thousands. It can feel like the sun: always reliable to provide means to see. It can also feel like the moon in its vintage wisdom and old, steady dedication to hours not so bright. Poets, authors, preachers, and speakers alike have mused upon its depth for centuries. But love is also more than theory. Love is universally and predominately practical. For one it may look like the loyalty of friendship, and for another a warm blanket given to a child by his mother during the winter. Still for others it might wear the clothes of romance, and for even others, unconditional faithfulness. Love is trustful, love is provisional, love is sexual, and love is reliable. If one thing is certain, love is entirely not one thing.

But love doesn’t always feel like the loyalty of friends, nor the clarity of the sun, nor the heart-bubbling flurry of intimacy, nor even the life-lasting remain of something higher. Love doesn’t always feel like these because life does not always feel like love. Life quite often feels like the opposite of love, like separation and despair. But oh for life if it could not choose love! For love has become inherent for humanity to receive and to give. Love is the opportunity for life’s most transcendent experiences.

The Love Doesn't Always Feel Like This crop tee is made with love In sunny Los Angeles. By Love Nail Tree.

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