Mob Grip Tape 10in x 33in Skateboard Griptape - Black (1 Sheet)

SKU: 655-996-0297



With this discount Mob grip, sure-footed grip is a given. Your only requirement? A super-simple application. And that’s easy enough. In only a few minutes, you can transform your skateboard deck from a so-so, somewhat slippery surface to an adherent, absolutely ride-ready skateboard.

Mob grip tape is a dual-sided performer…sure, it’ll help you gain control of your board, but it also stays put on the other side, too. A strong adhesive backing means that this Mob grip tape will keep your feet stay put during sharp & sudden turns, and it’ll also maintain a near-eternal hold on the opposite side, too. Nothing is more frustrating to a skateboarder than finding a great grip tape, only to have it come undone after a short time. That’s not the case with this discount Mob grip tape. Once applied to your deck, it’s on for good.

Skate America’s store is open 24/7/365, so whenever you’re out of Mob grip tape, just jump online and order more. With 10” x 33” dimensions, this tape is a must-own for old-school cruising boards, but also adds clutch performance to smaller skateboards. No board should be grip-free – get your discount Mob grip tape today at Skate America!

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