Slow Loris Woody on Red T-Shirt - Red - Mens T-Shirt

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Get carried back to the age of the Woody and the single fin board, Technicolor beaches and stripy swimsuits. In the Woody t-shirt from Slow Loris, you'll be the old wax-head of the bunch. So what if those old wagons only got 8 miles to the gallon? Gas was 30 cents, and you could fit ten guys and fifteen boards in the thing. Those were the days!

Slow Loris's tiny team of t-shirt artists hand screen every t-shirt from hand drawn doodles, and only use American made, sweat-shop free tees. (Though the team occasionally break a sweat while working in their cozy shop.) Own a t-shirt that has human thought and effort put into every stitch and stencil.

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