Vestal Destroyer Plastic Mens Watch - Black

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What's that ticking sound? It's the sound of the newest Destroyer design from Vestal, and it's about to blow you away. In the word of big-faced, thick-banded "we mean business" watches, the music industry-inspired Destroyer decimates the competition.

The huge face of this watch is uninterrupted by numerals, giving it an overall look of sleekness and making the watch appear even more massive. The wide band in tough plastic won't suffocate your wrist, with circle vents all the way around. The Destroyer's combination of toughness and play makes it work for men & women off all musical backgrounds, and like all Vestals, it comes with a signature guitar pick. The Destroyer would have looked great on Biggie, but we think Johnny Thunders could have pulled it off too.

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