Vestal Electra Jelly Womens Watch - Black

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The watch for the girl who's gaga for gadgets (and Lady Gaga might even wear it too), the Vestal Electra Jelly features a wild amalgamation of injected molded bangles, a minimalist black timepiece, and a spring-like set of rubber bracelets that, when assembled, give your wrist the look of a cyborg-ette. Keeping with the black molded bracelets, the watchband itself is made of durable, injection molded translucent plastic. What's more, the lightweight feel of this watch will have you thinking it really is a part of you, your new-and-improved time-telling wrist.

An actual set of 3 PU bangles with 6 PU bracelets surround this fun, fresh timepiece. Get funky, chunky styling with a lightweight feel at an affordable price. Glossy injection molded plastic makes a timeless timepiece a less costly addition to your collection. This unique look made of futuristic materials is sure to last – that is, it not only makes a timeless fashion statement, but it will actually outlive your human carcass.

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