Vestal Legionnaire Mens Watch - Green

SKU: 191-826-9981



The Vestal Legionnaire is true to its military-inspired roots with a form that perfectly matches its function, making this the choice watch of the veteran crowd surfer and denizen of the concert trenches, as well as the rock and roll frontline on stage. The durable wristband with oversized buckle keeps the Legionnaire in place no matter how wildly those fists pump and whirl, no matter how hard you hit those power chords.

The big face and bright numbers make it easy to watch out for last call or keep rolling through that set list, even under dim lighting and an assault of women's undergarments. And like all Vestal watches, the Legionnaire comes with a signature vestal pick that lets you shred like the rock gods. The Vestal Legionnaire is heavy artillery for the rock infantry.

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