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Buying a Complete Skateboard vs Only a Skateboard Deck

Buying a Complete Skateboard vs Only a Skateboard Deck

Buying a Complete Skateboard vs Only a Skateboard Deck

Posted by Retail Store on Feb 4th 2016

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If you’re buying a skateboard soon, it helps to determine exactly what you need. Since your skateboard deck takes a ton of punishment, you may just need a deck. But there are plenty of good reasons to purchase a brand new, fully assembled, 100% complete skateboard.

So which way should you go? We have some good and bad news.

Look on the Bright Side

Let’s start with the good news: Skate America sells a flashy, funky, high-flying assortment of skateboard decks and complete skateboard assemblies. Our decks include some of the best-known brands and crazy color combinations, and we also sell blank decks for creative design-it-yourself possibilities. And our complete skateboard store is positively packed with numerous sizes, styles designs to satisfy anybody’s skateboarding urge.

And now for the bad news: deciding between a deck and a complete skateboard can be a grueling process. Not quite “bail in an empty swimming pool” grueling, but still difficult. The more you’re passionate about skateboarding, the tougher it is to decide sometimes.

OK, more good news (you didn’t think we’d hang you out to dry, did you?). We put together a checklist of sorts, some FAQs for yourself, which will make the choice a little bit easier. Here we go:

Are my skateboard trucks and wheels in good condition?

If you answer yes, you can save some money with a deck-only purchase. Just make sure your deck aligns with your truck bolt configuration, especially if you have vintage trucks (some older and outdated models don’t always match up). If the other parts of your board (aside from the deck) are on their final few rides, consider an entirely new (and complete) skateboard. Remember, Skate America is a preferred source for quality skateboard trucks and high-performance wheels, too.

Have my skateboarding skills peaked?

If you’re a relatively experienced skateboarder and you’re approaching “max skateboard skillz,” so to speak, either type of purchase is fine. But if you’re a beginner and you have room to grow, you may still be deciding on what works for you (deck width, truck riser height, wheel types, etc.), so a complete skateboard makes sense.

Have I ever owned a 100% completely new skateboard?

Old-school skateboarders will proudly recall their first hand-me-down, which they modified into a legendary skateboard. The sport of skateboarding includes many participants who take pride in improving on an original. Still, it’s pretty cool getting a fully assembled skateboard. It’s the closest thing most young skateboarders have to buying a new car. And don’t forget about that new skateboard smell! Seriously…a brand new skateboard has that “factory fresh” scent – which is a huge part of purchasing a new car. (Unfortunately, your new skateboard doesn’t come with A/C, a navigation system or moon roof.)

Am I comfortable with my current skateboard?

Some skateboarders have a connection with their skateboard that’s hard to describe. Call it intuition, call it instinct, call it “locked in all the time,” but there are times when a board just “fits.” If you’re nodding your head in the affirmative here, then a skateboard deck (same style) is probably the way to go. As the saying goes, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”  

 Is my skateboard ready for retirement?

All good things must come to an end, including your beloved skateboard. If your deck shows some wear and tear, if your wheels have endured more revolutions than the average Central American dictatorship, and if your trucks are tired, it may be time to start anew. A complete skateboard is a great way to simply wipe the slate clean and begin all over again. Of course, if you’ve settled on a certain attributes that work for you (deck size, wheel widths, etc.), you should probably buy a complete skateboard that aligns with your old skateboard’s performance characteristics.

Retirement sidebar note: if your skateboard isn’t safe anymore (for whatever reason), it’s ready for retirement! Never let sentiment override safety.

 Still can’t make up your mind? Our skateboard consultants can help with any questions you have. Give us a call at 805-823-8140, start an instant-answer chat session, or check out the Skate America contact page. We know it can be a tough decision with the whole deck vs complete skateboard debate – but we can help you settle it – get in touch with us today!