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Cheap Skate Shoes – Highlighting the Best Shoes Under $50

Cheap Skate Shoes – Highlighting the Best Shoes Under $50

Cheap Skate Shoes – Highlighting the Best Shoes Under $50

Posted by Retail Store on Mar 3rd 2016

cheap skate shoes

Because they’re such a personal style statement, skateboard shoe designs include some of the funkiest, flashiest, most fashionable assortments of any sport. Even basketball shoes, with present-day designs that seem like space-age accessories in comparison to the original Air Jordans, can’t match the stable of skateboard shoes in terms of variety, colors and customization.

It’s not uncommon to find skateboard shoes over $100, with some ultra-rare kicks commanding several hundred dollars. But you can still find outstanding skateboard shoes for under 50 bucks; you just have to know where to look.

You don’t have to go far from this blog post to find them – Skate America offers a ton of skateboard shoes under the $50 threshold that still deliver plenty of fun and exceptional value. 

Stylish, Durable, Fresh – And All Under $50

 Fallen Slash – Surplus in Green/Black

Price: $39.95

This popular skateboard shoe includes an EVA insole, superior “grip” characteristics on the board, and plenty of cool color combos. A laced closure ensures snug fit for even the most athletic skateboarders.


DVS Lucid – Grey Suede

Price: $39.95

There’s just something about a grey suede skateboard shoe that says, “Serious skateboarder here.” This DVS shoe features a board-grabbing rubber sole, ultra-comfortable padding and unmatched versatility; it’s just as comfortable performing an Ollie as it is out on the town. And at well under $50, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more affordable (yet totally cool) skateboard shoe anywhere.


Lakai Camby Men's Skateboard Shoes

Price: $44.95

Real skateboarders wear pink. Well, light red canvas, anyway. Lightweight yet surprisingly supportive, the Lakai Camby skate shoe is the perfect complement to high-flying antics or simply cruising the sidewalk. Oh, and they’re great for everyday wear away from the skateboard, too!


DC Cole Signature Men's Skateboard Shoes

Price: $49.95

Many skateboarders believe that DC is the best brand for both style and skateboarding control. An extra-tall rubber sole provides gobs of grip, while a premium leather upper and thick padded tongue increase the comfort factor that everyone will love. Perfect for skateboarding, hanging out with friends and a thousand other things.


As you can see, it’s not impossible to find stylish skateboard shoes for under $50. Skate America’s selection includes some of the best-known brands in the skateboarding industry, and our shoe warehouse is always expanding!

If you’re having difficulty locating a particular pair of shoes, our skateboard apparel consultants are ready to help you today. We offer live chat sessions, knowledgeable skateboard assistance with a phone call to 805-823-8140, and more ways to get in touch on our contact page. Thanks for checking out the Skate America blog – swing back for more helpful tips with skateboard gear, equipment and more!