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Check out our Fallen Footwear Selection Today

Check out our Fallen Footwear Selection Today

Check out our Fallen Footwear Selection Today

Posted by Retail Store on Jan 8th 2016

fallen skate shoes

Started up in 2003 by skateboard pro Jamie Thomas, Fallen Footwear has grown to become the most popular brand of skateboarding shoes available today. But to this day, the team at Fallen Footwear continues to improve and innovate. In fact, their shoes are tested in real-life skateboarding situations to ensure that every pair of Fallen Footwear shoes perform like no other shoe – and are also the most comfortable kicks away from the course.

Fallen Footwear’s unmistakable DNA highlights their entire product lineup. Current team members Jamie Thomas, Slash Hansen, Tony Cervantes, Jon Dickson, Dane Burman and Tommy Sandoval aren’t just some of the premier skateboarding names in the world – they’re also the inspiration and creative genius behind Fallen Footwear’s shoes and apparel. Shoes designed by skateboarders for skateboarders: that’s the way it’s always been at Fallen Footwear.

The legendary lineup at Fallen Footwear includes many shoes you’ve noticed at world-class competitions and others commonly seen at your neighborhood stomping grounds. From the always ready Patriot to the low-profile Roach, from the mid-cut D.O.A. to Fallen’s one of a kind Forte 2 – beginners, veterans and championship contenders all love Fallen Footwear for the same reasons you do. Comfort. Fit. Quality. Super cool colorways. And much more. Best of all, you can find the best shoes from Fallen Footwear right here at Skate America! We offer an unbeatable price matching program, and should your Fallen Footwear order exceed $100, the shipping costs are on us.

Fallen Footwear puts your personal style and skateboarding skills into the stratosphere. The trademark Fallen combination of SoCal style and skateboard tradition is included with each pair we sell here at Skate America. If you’re performing a Caballerial, kickflip, frontside air or other skateboarding trick, Fallen Footwear is the clear-cut choice for the perfect fit, pro-grade performance and poise under pressure.

To speak with a Skate America representative about our Fallen Footwear products, or to find out about what shoes we’ll be offering soon, call our skateboarding team at 805.823.8140. You can also chat with an apparel representative on the Skate America contact page. We’ll be happy to answer all your questions about Fallen Footwear shoes, or any other product you’re looking for!