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Go Primal at Skate America – Primitive Skateboarding

Go Primal at Skate America – Primitive Skateboarding

Go Primal at Skate America – Primitive Skateboarding

Posted by Retail Store on Jan 8th 2016

primitive skateboarding

Primitive Skateboarding has changed the entire skateboard product and apparel industry. With a team of dedicated and passionate pros behind the brand (including Paul Rodriguez, Bastien Salabanzi, Shane O’Neill and Brian Peacock), Primitive’s product catalog is a must-have for amateurs and professionals alike.

Some skateboarding brands just feel different than the rest. Call it originality, call it attitude, call it whatever – the bottom line is, certain gear and apparel are simply miles above the rest. Primitive Skateboarding’s entire product line inspires and encourages any skateboarder of any skill level to simply let loose and have fun! Bring the joy back into the sport you love – try Primitive Skateboarding today!

Elevate your entire skateboarding experience with Primitive, both on and off the deck. Speaking of skateboard decks – we have some pretty cool ones to pick from. Show extra swagger with a Primitive Glow in the Dark Horseman deck, or try the intimidation route with a Goldie skateboard deck – it’s sure to command attention both on and off the ground!

Love the logo as-is? Primitive also offers their classic, iconic seal with a white Daredevil deck. If a risqué take on things is more in line with your outlook, you might want to try out a Primitive Stripes skateboard deck. For those devil-may-care skateboarders, Paul Rodriguez’s own Luchador deck is worth a second look. Endless choices, outstanding quality, worthy of an ollie or two – and every one’s a winner!

Primitive Skateboarding products are some of the most sought-after items available on Skate America. We’ve stocked our shelves with the brand’s boldest, gnarliest decks, and we’ve got plenty more Primitive stuff coming your way. To keep up to date on the latest Primitive Skateboarding offerings at Skate America, sign up for our totally free, totally informative newsletter. We’ll give you a heads up when your favorite brands – including Primitive – are set to launch new products at Skate America.

Our team is just as passionate as you are about skateboarding and the products you follow. Enjoy a chat with one of our Primitive apparel pros by visiting our contact page, where you’ll also find other information about Skate America. Or, just call 805.823.8140 to talk with our skateboard gear experts. With no-nonsense price matching, free shipping on orders over $100 and the best customer service in the business, we’re ready to help you today!