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Love Nail Tree Home T-Shirt - White - Mens T-Shirt

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"Do you remember the night we met?"
"I do, it was loud and I was frightened. Do you remember how frightened I was?"
"Oh, I'll never forget the look on your face. Did I ever tell you how beautiful you looked?"
"Yes. Now, tell me again."
"You were absolutely beautiful."
"Oh, honey..."
"You know, it was also the night fate dealt most kindly with me."
"You're so dramatic"
"It was. It was like watching a dove struggling to break free from the drunken stares and indecent thoughts of tired men. It was watching its eyes land softly on mine, unmoving for what felt like the sweetest of several minutes. It was the moment I knew."
"The moment you knew what, James?"
"It was the moment I knew I needed to stand up."
"To stand up"
"Yes. So I slid my jacket from my chair and into my arm, and just stood. Then, I took a deep breath and made toward you. It was then that your gaze fell from mine to the dirty floor as you stepped backward, remember?"
"A drunk was wildly approaching me; yes, of course I stepped backward."
"Halfway to you, though, my left foot found the corner of a table leg and my face came to meet the floor in a blurred frenzy of surprise and humiliation."
"Oh honey, you looked a fool, but I loved it. I knelt by your side, wanting desperately to laugh..."
"I remember. But instead you spoke softly, asking if I was hurt, to which I chuckled and said it depended on how you meant."
"And I just smiled and you rose and dusted yourself off."
"Right then, I knew something else too."
"You've never told me this part..."
"Well, I turned to you and saw the laughter that you could hardly hold back, and as soon as I laughed, you laughed, and while the rest of the room was pissing themselves with laughter too I was realizing how deeply I was falling in love with you. That was when I knew."

The Home t-shirt is made with love In sunny Los Angeles. By Love Nail Tree.

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