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Mob Laser Cut Thrasher Skate & Destroy Grip Tape 9in x 33in Skateboard Griptape - Black (1 Sheet)

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When it comes to skateboard griptape, it helps to have a Mob mentality. Mob’s tape is highly regarded throughout the skateboarding community – everyone from the highest-performing professionals to those once-per-month cruisers. No matter your skill level, a slippery deck can spell doom. Avoid the worst – and bring out your best – with Mob’s Laser Cut Thrasher Skate & Destroy griptape.

This Thrasher Skate & Destroy griptape supplies all the Mob friction you need, with cool graphics to boot. Make your board into a professional-level trick-turning machine. Move like never before on your deck. Mark your place among the greats. Make it Mob. Skate America’s discount Mob griptape is available for the best price right here – ready to ship today!

Best of all, this Mob griptape comes pre-cut to fit your 9” x 33” skateboard deck. With just a few trims here and there, it’s ready to roll right away. Applying your Mob griptape is easy. Because of its pre-cut 9” x 33” size, this tape is made for boards exactly that width and length, and can also upgrade skateboard decks a little bigger or smaller, too. About the only thing easier is ordering from Skate America. Our streamlined interface can get you quickly in and out. Fill up your cart with Mob grip tape (and other great skateboarding accessories), order and that’s it!

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