Mob Grip Tape 11in x 33in Skateboard Grip Tape - Black (1 Sheet)

SKU: 655-996-0296



Without good grip, your skateboard is just another stylish (yet totally useless) accessory. Name a skateboard trick, then try to imagine performing it without solid footing and exceptional adhesive control.

Mob grip tape delivers that tacky texture all skateboarders need. But there’s a fine line between gluey grip and not enough friction – and Mob grip tape has the formula for skateboarding success. It’s hard to put a price on better skateboard control, but Skate America has! Our Mob grip tape is priced for the best possible value.

Get discount Mob grip tape today at Skate America. This single sheet tape fits your 11” x 33” board like a glove. Simply peel off the Mob grip tape backing, apply to your board, gently press out any air bubbles, and trim the excess material. Within minutes, you’ll enjoy a better skateboarding experience. For larger boards, this size also accommodates a carefully centered application to avoid that sometimes tricky trim work. For example, this 11” x 33” Mob grip tape puts a perfect half-inch border area on a 12” x 34” board.

Better handle. Greater confidence. Fine-tuned skills. Discover what pro skateboarders already know – that Mob grip tape is the clear-cut choice for all kinds of tricks. Order online today! Skate America also offers other grip tape sizes, so be sure to check out our entire selection.

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