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FKD Tom Asta Blacklight Series Skateboard Bearings - Abec 7 (8 PC)


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Tom Asta is one of the first names in skateboard wheel bearings, and not just because of the last name’s alphabetical order. By any measure, Tom Asta bearings are a go-to accessory for skateboarders everywhere. Skate America sells discount Tom Asta bearings, including their high-performance Blacklight Series brand.

What makes Backlight series skateboard bearings a true standout in the field? For one, unmatched precision. Tom Asta bearings feature some of the finest manufacturing tolerances in the world – they always fit precisely like they should. And when it comes to skateboard bearings, any unnecessary motion could derail your skateboarding. Rated ABEC 7, they’re fast, smooth, efficient and durable. ABEC 7 rates as one of the fastest, most fluid bearings available. Trust us, these discount Tom Asta Blacklight Series skateboard bearings will satisfy any speed demon.

Eight bearings, unbelievable value, excellent performance – these FKD Tom Asta Blacklight Series skateboard bearings help extend the life of your skateboard wheels. They’re great for brand new wheels, yet also can improve existing wheel control, stability and other crucial attributes. Your purchase includes lubricant for complete, all-in-one value. These are some of the finest skateboard bearings you’ll find anywhere, and they’re ready to ship today from the Skate America warehouse.

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